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I'm Wayson Wight, the mind behind TruCast—a revolutionary backyard game. Picture this: a portable, durable game-set offering dynamic gameplay. In a world of division, we all agree on one thing—backyard games are a blast! TruCast is no exception; it's as enjoyable as corn-hole, darts, or fishing.

The genesis of TruCast was my son's fishing passion. To keep up, I crafted a weighted, hook-less lure for backyard casting practice. Witnessing his accuracy and fun, the idea for TruCast was born—a fusion of corn-hole, darts, and fishing, tailored for anyone keen on fishing.

Enter a 2ft by 4ft inflatable Velcro game-board. TruCast goes anywhere—backyards, pools, campsites, lakes—bringing dynamic gameplay. Velcro-covered casting objects stick where they land, paving the way for diverse challenges.

Game options galore:

  1. "10 casts": Highest points in 10 throws wins.
  2. "First to 200": Reach 200 points, cast-for-cast.
  3. "Legendary Fish": Land 7 fish designs to win. Shorter game? Call a species!

Enhance casting, introduce gear, and elevate motor skills with TruCast. Lure weights mimic real fishing, translating practice to water.

Compact and quick to set up, TruCast deflates for easy storage and travel. It suits backyards, campgrounds, lakes, and pools—endless fun!

Who should embrace TruCast?

  1. Fishing enthusiasts seeking fun.
  2. Parents nurturing young anglers' skills and coordination.
  3. Serious anglers refining precision off-water.
  4. Groups seeking quality time with an engaging backyard game.

Catch the TruCast wave—wherever you play!

Wayson Wight

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