The gameplay is similar between TruCast Land and Sea and TruCast Express foldable version. In both games, players cast the velcro capped lure at a stationary board to score points. The gameplay is amazing and can be set to easy or more challenging, either of these versions are better suited to adults and kids alike since they cater to a wider range of skill levels. Buy Land and Sea version if you want the option to play on water, if not, Express Foldable version sets up and takes down quicker and easier than Land and Sea.
TruCast Legendary Fish gameplay is unique from the stationary version in that the players do not need to land the cast directly onto the target, they can cast past the target, reel the lure over the top to connect and then reel it back to score the points. For this reason, Legendary Fish is great for newer anglers and is an easier overall game to play.
I’m having a hard time hitting the board, any tips?Distance is key when learning to play, newer anglers should be closer and as skill progress, they can move back to increase the difficulty.
Also, having a consistent motion in bringing the fishing rod back and forward will help with accuracy and make the game more fun!

Absolutely! TruCast Games can be challenging for even the most experienced anglers! If you think you’re the best caster, TruCast can help solidify your bragging rights. It’s a blast for kids or adults.

We stand by everyone of our game set’s sold. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your set, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Game must be in like new condition and in original packaging.

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